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Semi-Formal Software Architecture Development with UML

Who should attend

  • Software Architects
  • Development Engineers (System and Software)
  • Safety Managers
  • Project Leaders of safety related development projects
  • Managers responsible for definition and implementation of work processes


Duration: 2 Days

Language: German or English, training material will be in English.


Scheduled Courses



Course topics:

  • Overview methods for the architecture development and description
  • Model based software development
  • Semi-Formal Methods: UML
  • Diagram types
    • Notation elements
    • Linking and combination of different diagrams / views
    • Traceability concept
  • UML Tools (e.g. Sparx Enterprise Architect, PTC Integrity Modeler)
  • Content of software architecture descriptions in the scope safety standards
  • Development approaches and methods incl. application of diagrams and notation elements for the development of the
    • Static software architecture design aspects
    • Dynamic software architecture design aspects
  • Software design pattern
  • Content of design guidelines
  • Verification strategies for UML model based architectures
  • Tool based documentation generation
  • Workshop: Guided development of a software architecture example


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