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Due to Corona exclusively online

How to apply IEC61508 for mechanical devices.

Who should attend

  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Safety Managers dealing with mechanical products
  • Mechanical Quality Responsible

Duration: 1 Day (or in-house, jointly agreed, please contact us for more information).

Language: for Public Training - English.

   for In-House Training - it can be chosen between German and English. The training material will be in English.

Location: exida.com GmbH office

Prof.-Messerschmitt-Straße 1
D-85579 Neubiberg / Germany

Certificate: Each partecipant gets a letter of attendance.


Scheduled courses - Register here:

Course topics:

  • Functional Safety in general and relevant standards
  • Why Functional Safety for mechanical parts?
  • Mechanical parts according to ISO 13849-1
    • High demand mode versus low demand mode
  • What is required to achieve a certain Safety Integrity Level (SIL)?
    • SILPFD
    • SILAC
    • SILCAP
  • Final Elements in the context of an entire safety function
    • Impact of proof testing
    • Proof Test Coverage (PTC)
    • Partial Stroke Testing (PST)
    • Route 1H versus 2H

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