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Due to Corona exclusively online

Who should attend

  • Technical staff and managers wishig to have a full understanding of the ASPICE standard, starting from the scratch.

Duration: 3 Days

Language: selectable between German and English, training material will be in English.

Location: exida.com GmbH office

Prof.-Messerschmitt-Straße 1
D-85579 Neubiberg / Germany

Scheduled courses - Register here:

Course topics

 Day 1 - Introduction to Software Capability & Maturity (ISO 330XX/ ASPICE V3.1)
  • Quick history of SW capability & maturity standards and models

  • Auotomotive SPICE
  • Process Reference Models and Process Assessment Models
  • What is a SPICE Assessement
  • From ASPICE 2.5 to ASPICE 3.1
 Day 2 - ASPICE V3.1 Intro for System & Software engineering (SYS, SWE processes group)
  • System Engineering Process Group (SYS)
  • SYS.1 Requirements Elicitation 
  • SYS.2 System Requirements Analysis
  • SYS.3 System Architectural Design 
  • SYS.4 System Integration and Integration Test 
  • SYS.5 System Qualification Test 
  • Software Engineering Process Group (SWE)
  • SWE.1 Software Requirements Analysis 
  • SWE.2 Software Architectural Design 
  • SWE.3 Software Detailed Design and Unit Construction 
  • SWE.4 Software Unit Verification 
  • SWE.5 Software Integration and Integration Test 
  • SWE.6 Software Qualification Test
 Day 3 - ASPICE V3.1 intro for technical management (MAN, SUP processes group)
  • Management Process Group (MAN)
  • MAN.3 Project Management
  • MAN.5 Risk Management
  • MAN.6 Measurement
  • (ACQ.4: Supplier Monitoring)
  • Supporting Process Group (SUP)
  • SUP.1 Quality Assurance
  • SUP.7 Documentation
  • SUP.8 Configuration Management
  • SUP.9 Problem Resolution Management


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